At some point in 2020 my wife and I decided homeschooling our 3 boys was a good idea (along with many other people it appears). It’s been an adventure… After even a little research I found there are many styles, formats, and approaches to homeschooling. Iowa has a few options that provide different balances of support from the public school system and more oversight – we chose the most permissive choice since we wanted to have as much optionality as possible during the pandemic. That left us looking for what and how to teach. The Well-Trained Mind became the starting point for most of our curriculum and we’ve been quite happy with most of the choices. As the “school year” closes we’ll be reflecting more on our choices, the results, and plans for next year (current plan is some form of dual-enrollment for at least band).

Questions on first time homeschooling are welcome 😉

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